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2013 Law/Legislative Seminar: Mr. Tony Almeida’s Blueprint Presentation

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Mr. Tony Almeida, Senior Advisor to Governor McCrory for Jobs and the Economy, was the Breakfast Session Speaker at our 2013 Law/Legislative Seminar in April. Many attendees asked for copies of his Blueprint Powerpoint presentation. The powerpoint can be found on our Resources & Links page.

2013 Law/Legislative Seminar: Remarks from Dr. Bob Shackleford and Mr. George Little’s Legislative Advocacy Report

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Dr. Bob Shackleford (Vice-Chair of the NCACCP Legislative Committee) and Mr. George Little (NCACCT Legislative Liaison) gave their Legislative Advocacy report at the Opening Luncheon Session of the 2013 Law/Legislative Seminar. You can find a summary of their remarks at the following link and it is also available on our Resource page: 2013 Law/Legislative Seminar: Legislative Advocacy Presentation