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The study is actually approved by the stability committee out-of Trakya School

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The study is actually approved by the stability committee out-of Trakya School

Off , we did 52 two-sided subcutaneous mastectomies at the Company away from Plastic, Reconstructive and you may Aesthetic Businesses, Trakya College or university Health, Edirne, Chicken ( Table step one ). The average diligent years try twenty eight.2 (age groups, 18-47). The latest weights out-of patients had been between 40 and 100 kg and you can average body mass index (BMI) are 23.4 (Bmi range, 15.6-thirty six.7). Thirty clients had a history of finding testosterone hormonal treatment ahead of procedure. Hormones cures try left behind a month just before medical intervention. As well as, for each patient undergone a whole psychological, endocrinological, urologic and you will gynecological review, which acceptance the brand new medical diagnosis from “FtM transsexualism” getting produced. A keen ultrasound test is performed to test the clear presence of glandular structure and ban people pathologic size in all cases. ‘Patient Informed Concur Form’ is actually taken from all anyone.

Dining table step 1

Preoperatively, the option of strategy are centered on nipple proportions and you can studies regarding skin excessively, epidermis elasticity, NAC dimensions and you may standing. A four amounts nipple category is actually performed considering breast proportions and epidermis an excessive amount of:

Most of the clients was basically advised concerning compatible strategy off cuts and you’ll be able to postoperative marks. Of these patients that would maybe not accept postoperative markings beyond the subpectoral shadow, this problem try listed. After that, specific subcutaneous mastectomy try chose in accordance with the algorithm showed when you look at the Figure step 1 . Appropriate antibiotics had been administered 60 minutes before process and for the 5 days shortly after. (more…)