Aviso Retention: Statewide Leader in Student Success Technology (NCACCT Business Partner)

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Aviso Retention now partners with 33 of the 58 institutions in the North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS) to identify at-risk students and to provide technology-enabled holistic student support through predictive analytics, early alerting, messaging, and reporting features – built upon best practices – to increase student retention and degree completion.

Our focus has always been on two-year community and technical colleges who are often underserved. Aviso understands how two-year schools operate and the specific obstacles they face. We specialize in helping institutions align their people and processes with our technology to create opportunities for growth.

“Two out of every three students will rely on a two-year institution, whether that be through dual-enrollment in high school, earning a certificate or degree, or transferring to a four-year university,” says Alexander Leader, CEO of Aviso Retention. “Our goal is to provide these institutions best practices and technical solutions that are tailored to their unique needs and diverse student populations.”

Community college presidents are tasked to “recruit, retain, and complete” in a world that requires more and higher credentials for the jobs being created. Aviso can help institutions successfully fulfill those mandates and meet the goal of MyFutureNC of one million North Carolinians having these credentials by 2030.

In North Carolina, Aviso has partnered both with the NCCC System Office and with individual schools to produce results. We are wrapping up a five-year, federal grant-funded project with 10 NCCCS institutions that examined the impact of data-informed Success Coaching to proactively address the academic and personal needs of students. Preliminary results suggest that success coaching improves long-term retention rates by six percentage points for high engagement institutions.

In 2019, we started working with an additional nine institutions in the system through the Minority Male Student Initiative grant, which aims to combine success coaching and early alert capabilities to increase retention and graduation rates for this vulnerable population.

Using a combination of artificial intelligence and human intelligence, Aviso can predict where an institution needs to spend their time, increasing retention and student engagement. Here are a few highlights of the progress our NCCCS partners have made using Aviso software:

*17 percent increase in student retention in three years at Central Carolina Community College,

*7 percent increase in course completion rates from Spring 2018 to Spring 2019 for high school students at Haywood Community College,

*5 percent increase in retention in one year at Cleveland Community College,

*5 percent increase in fall retention for full-time students at Pamlico Community College,

*14 percent increase in spring retention for new part-time students at Caldwell Community College.

The use of Aviso in North Carolina’s community colleges can create millions in savings to the colleges and increase the retention and completion rate significantly. More important than the savings, however, is the fact that students will be better and more quickly prepared to transition to the workforce and will have a greater foundation for success and quality of life.

Given recent economic turbulence due to the novel coronavirus, it is expected that fall enrollment numbers will increase significantly, and NCCCS institutions will soon have more students to recruit, support, and retain. Aviso has been supporting its partner institutions this spring by providing additional COVID-19 resources and making changes to the technology to allow our partners to better support students as they work from home. We have seen an increase in unique logins across all campuses as more people need access to student information while supporting students remotely.

We are continually working to improve our product based on both our customers’ suggestions and higher education trends. This spring, Aviso Retention will release its mobile app, Aviso Student, so all students can suddenly have their institutional support system in their pockets. In the app, students can easily message their success team (advisor and success coach), schedule appointments, complete assigned tasks, and engage with shared resources.

In addition, Aviso’s new reporting module will allow institutions to create customized reports that can be published as dashboards to ensure students are receiving the service they expect in a work-from-home environment. These dashboards can be built for specific teams so that everyone is on the same page. We cannot wait to see how our NC partners utilize these new features as they move forward.

About Aviso Retention

Aviso Retention is the leading student success solution for two-year community and technical colleges. Aviso is easy to integrate, intuitive to learn, and scalable for any size institution or budget. Please visit www.avisoretention.com for more information.