Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is North Carolina’s training requirements for community college trustees?

G.S. 115D-19 (b) requires that trustees attend orientation/training within 6 months of appointment. NCACCT offers new trustees orientation and reappointed trustee training.

  • When are trustee training sessions offered?

NCACCT holds two conferences a year which include trustee training sessions. The NCACCT Law/Legislative Seminar is held every April and the NCACCT Leadership Seminar is held every September.  Future seminar dates can be found on our Upcoming Events page.

  • What should I do if one of our trustees misses/is unable to attend his/her required training within 6 months?

If the trustee is appointed/reappointed after September, they will not be out of compliance if they attend the Law Seminar the following April, even if it falls shy of the 6 month time requirement.

If a trustee is unable to attend the session available during their 6 month time limit, we recommend a request for extension letter be sent to Dr. Hunter from the President, Board Chair, or Trustee stating the reason for his/her absence.

  • What involvement does NCACCT have with Ethics Training?

Ethics Training is controlled completely by the Ethics Commission. NCACCT has no records and no authority regarding Ethics Training. NCACCT does provide a place for the Ethics Commission to hold Ethics Training at each of our seminars, provided their budget allows.